July 3, 2022

Stand up Unplugged has unveiled a brand new standalone Choose Dredd roleplaying online game using the Jenga-primarily based mostly Dread mechanics. In Dread: Dredd, only one participant usually takes the job of Mega-Metropolis One’s Host as the opposite gamers try to survive and prosper when pitted from the Judicial process. The 38 webpage PDF of Dread: Dredd is on the market at DriveThruRPG for $9.89.

Concerning the online game:

Made particularly for 2000 AD’s forty fifth anniversary by unique Dread author Epidiah Ravachol, Dread: Dredd brings the ENNIE award-successful RPG to the legendary earth of 2000 AD’s Resolve Dredd.

An individual participant can tackle the aim of the Host, tasked with symbolizing the mayhem and magnificence of Mega-Metropolis An individual and its inhabitants. The opposite players act as individuals dwelling within the shadow of the Statue of Judgement, doing no matter it takes to thrive and endure.

In fact, surviving isn’t at all times so easy. When the players are confronted with onerous or dangerous steps, they should pull wood blocks from a tower to be taught irrespective of whether or not they succeed. If the tower will come crashing down, their character dies. The stakes are superior while you get on the Judges however there’s some hope in your new character skills, reflecting the town’s extensive fluctuate of inhabitants.

The PDF incorporates every thing it is advisable function this standalone journey – tailored Dread guidelines, pre-developed character sheets, the Journey booklet, and an Encounter guidelines for the Host to confer with all through the match. Simply incorporate a block tower and your gaming group and you might be good to go!

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