July 4, 2022

Do you know that simply possessing a feather from certain species of birds may land you in jail in Minnesota?

Most of us are most definitely acquainted with the laws that makes it illegal to own a feather from a bald eagle, applicable? (Specifically, the Bald and Golden Eagle Safety Act of 1940 prohibits the possession of eagle feathers by non-Native Individuals. And everybody convicted of violating the laws may take care of a implausible of as much as $100,000 and a calendar yr in jail!)

However do you know that possessing feathers from different birds widespread to Minnesota– like, say, our level out chook, the widespread loon, is ALSO unlawful beneath within the Land of 10,000 Lakes? It’s real, and it’s all particular within the Migratory Rooster Treaty Act (MBTA) of 1918.

This Invasive MN Species Now Has a New, Quite a bit much less Offensive Title

In accordance to the US Fish and Wildlife Firm, the MBTA states:

The possession of feathers and different components of native North American birds with out a allow is prohibited by the Migratory Chook Treaty Act. This shields wild birds by avoiding their killing by collectors and the enterprise commerce of their feathers, and extends to all feathers, regardless of of how they have been attained. There isn’t a exemption for molted feathers or people taken from road or window-killed birds.

And, in accordance to AllAboutBirds.com, the widespread loon is, in actuality, a migratory fowl. It spends its winters alongside the Atlantic shoreline from North Carolina south to Florida or on the Gulf of Mexico previous to heading north beneath to Minnesota within the spring.

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This means if you happen to occur to have a loon feather in your possession, you might be concern to some essential punishment. The MBTA additionally states that:

Any particular person, affiliation, partnership, or firm who shall violate any provisions of acknowledged conventions or of this subchapter, or who shall violate or fall brief to adjust to any regulation produced pursuant to this subchapter shall be deemed responsible of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be fined not much more than $15,000 or be imprisoned not much more than six months, or every.

A high-quality of $15,000 and 6 months within the clink?!? Geez, the MBTA doesn’t fiddle! And, in fact, the MBTA is not going to solely make the most of to widespread loons, both. You possibly can confirm the entire record of secured birds (like a few of that are prevalent to Minnesota) Listed right here.

And birds are usually not the one animals that may get you in bother. Do you know there may be actually an entire guidelines of furry and feathered creatures you’ll be able to’t legally particular person on this article in Rochester? Protect scrolling to see which animals they’re!

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Animals You Normally are usually not Licensed to Have as a Pet in Rochester, Minnesota

Beneath are the animals that we aren’t permitted to personal as pets listed right here in Rochester, Minnesota based on the City of Rochester Code of Ordinances below Sec. 3-1-4. – Prohibited wild animal.